NEST'up is a very selective program and here are some of our basic criteria:

  • We only take teams of 2 or 3 founders with complementary backgrounds. If you are alone, you'd better find yourself a co-founder.
  • Your product can be a web service, a mobile app or a physical product, but it must be innovative and scalable.
  • You should have already started to work on your idea. There must be a prototype or some market research somewhere.
  • Your product must be fundable, which means that you should be able to release something during the Demo Day at the end of the program. If there are 3 years of R&D involved before you can sell something, it won't make it through pre-selection.
  • Your expansion strategy must go beyond just Belgium.
  • We place a great deal of importance on the team, on its solidity and on its ability to be coached and to take feedback.

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